From Reel to Real: 5 reel celebrity pairs who hit it off together off camera

From Reel to Real: 5 reel celebrity pairs who hit it off together off camera


We just can’t get enough of the romance in Korean dramas, and for good reason. Perhaps it’s the way these k-dramas depict love that makes it so addictive but mostly, it’s really the perfect chemistry between its lead stars that leave you weak in the knees. Yes, your favorite K-drama couples have got you hooked big time and because the love they show on reel is so enthralling, you end up wishing for them to hit it off together for real. Luckily, it seems that cupid has been hanging out on film sets throughout the years. Here’s a list of celebrity couples whose onscreen romance crossed over into real life.

  1. Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin

Top actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have certainly made a dream pair in Netflix’s phenomenal series Crash landing on You (2019). Fondly dubbed “Ri-Ri” for their characters’ names Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri, the celebrity onscreen couple quickly gained fans all over the world who have been long convinced that they were dating in real life. On January 1, 2021, RiRi fans went wild when both actors’ agencies, Vast Entertainment and MS Team Entertainment officially confirmed that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were indeed a couple. They reportedly developed romantic feelings for each other after their drama ended. The confirmation was made after the South Korean news portal, Dispatch, released pictures of Son ye Jin getting into her leading man’s car for what seems to be a golf session. The couple’s dating announcement was so well received that everyone can’t wait for them to seal the deal with marriage.

  1. Song Jong-ki and Song Hye Kyo

No one can deny the explosive chemistry between the two “Songs” when they starred together in the hit series Descendants of the Sun (2016). In March 2016, there were already reports that the two were dating and that Song Joong Ki had actually started to court Song Hye Kyo since the beginning of filming which traces back to 2015.  In 2016, rumors further circulated after they were spotted in New York together and soon after, their romantic relationship was revealed.  Fans rejoiced when the Song-Song couple tied the knot in October 2017. Unfortunately, a year and a half later, Song Jong-ki and Song Hye Kyo released statements announcing their divorce and officially parted ways in 2019.

  1. Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young

It was no surprise when Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young revealed that they were exclusively dating while starring in their drama City Hunter (2011). The two played lovers in the said drama and confessed through their agencies that they had formed good feelings for each other on set. However, their relationship was very short lived. After being together for only 5 months, the Min-Min couple had already decided to call it quits. According to their agencies, the actors separated due to their busy schedules and constant attention from media. In 2012, speculations rose that the ex-couple was rekindling their romance. While the rumor sparked hope in the couple’s supporters, it was eventually dismissed by actress Park Min Young’s agency.

  1. Ki Tae Young & Eugene

K-drama stars Eugene and Ki Tae-Young met while taping for their rom-com drama Creating Destiny (2009). The television show’s title seemed timely for the couple as they literally found love and destiny through the drama. According to reports, it wasn’t love at first sight for the two actors, but they eventually got closer by exchanging text messages with each other. The couple married in 2013 and welcomed a daughter 2 years after.

  1. Yeon Jung Hoon & Han Ga In

It was on the film set of Yellow Handkerchief (2003) where fresh-faced actors Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ga In fell madly in love with each other. The two tied the knot in 2005 and are now considered one of Korea’s celebrity power couples. After over a decade, Yeon and Han are still going strong while enjoying their first child who was born in 2016.