Easy makeovers you can do to improve the look of your home


Whether we like it or not, we’ll most likely be staying in our homes for the next few weeks due to the pandemic. This motivates most of our friends and family to do some home improvement, as it seems to be the most sound investment these days. If you want to join the bandwagon but lack the resources or do not have the talent of the DIY interior decorator, you can follow these simple ideas on how to beautify parts of your abode.

1. Level up your entryway

Sure, you won’t be accepting visitors anytime soon but it would be nice to have a nook that will greet you as you enter your house. You don’t need much space or money to level up your entryway: all you need are affordable plants and affordable #teamkahoy shelves (hello, shopee!)

2. Wing it with wood

Got some backyard junk? Check if your old backyard ladder is not in use, as it could be a great spot for a tapestry or artistic rug that you’d want to highlight.

You can also check if someone sells paleta in your area. Clean the paleta, treat it with anti termite chemical available in hardwares, then varnish it. Now you got a bed frame that’s truly unique and doesn’t take much space.

3. Look at new shapes

Say goodbye to boring square or rectangular mirrors in your living room or bedroom. Check out this round mirror that shouts minimalism but speaks elegance.

4. Wall as your canvass

Make an accent wall in your bedroom without spending much. No need to buy buckets of paint if you only need to create something that will liven up your accent wall.

Here’s a nice sample:

5. Frame it up

Look for light frames you can stick to the wall. Pair it with a floor bed for your bedroom and you get a minimalist tambayan.


6. If you really like it, put a rug on it

This ain’t about Beyonce’s song but it sounded right. Anyway, liven up your living room with a pop of color. Use a single, colorful rug that’s easy to maintain. Or find something that matches your desired interior.

7. Prettify with pillows

You can buy plain colored throw pillow cases for as low as P49 each on Lazada. This styling strategy won’t make you spend a lot but look how it accentuated what seemed to be a gloomy spot.


This one, meanwhile, used printed designs.



You may also check Pinterest for ideas. But the top tip? Keep your home clean and clutter free. Nothing beats a squeaky-clean home sweet home.